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Wednesday, November 3

Four Horsemen Reportage - Chapter 1

I wrote on Monday early morning for nearly four hours, then collapsed after getting my wife off to work and caught some zzzzz's until 11:30 or so. Managed to get about 2800 words down in two sittings. It isn't awful, but I am having to really fight the temptation to go back and rewrite. Worked most of the rest of the afternoon on getting the blog template set up. It works, sort of. I'm still scratching at the outside of the box with my understanding of CSS, so it'll be awhile before its up to my expectations and desires for the site. Regardless, Chapter 1 is up for your perusal. Not bad for Day 1. Lots more to be done in future, but not a bad attempt, even if I do say so myself. Now, despite the "Coming Soon" entry that I had posted last week, I really do have a thick skin. So go ahead, let me have it with both barrels, if that's your style of criticism. And if you feel like doing some mindless encouragement, well, that's OK, too. Virtual neck rubs and back massages are gratefully received and virtual meals to sustain me are always appreciated. I'll be a virtual monkey's uncle if I fail to acknowledge your largesse.

Nov. 2 addendum - Anyone else having problems posting to their blogger blogs via email? It used to work fine then all of a sudden in the past week - nada. In fact, I'd sent this report here via email and just got an auto-reply back saying it was, and I quote, "invalid content." It's just bloody text, for land's sake. So I'm posting it manually. Ugh!

I am in a purple funk over the election. I'll get back to writing in a day or two.

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