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Thursday, February 22

Super Mom Saves The World

An author I am very fond of (no, not THAT way), Melanie Lynn Hauser, has just announced the immanent publication of her second book. Read for yourself:

The sequel to Confessions of Super Mom ships in just a few days! Super Mom Saves The World picks up the story of Birdie Lee, divorced mother, PTA lackey, and accidental superhero. It's six months after the Horrible Swiffer Accident that turned her into Super Mom, and she's still adjusting. For starters, she's having lustful thoughts about Mr. Clean. Then there's the fact that her teenaged daughter is suddenly sporting a bright pink streak in her hair. Her nerdy scientist love interest has just proposed marriage, at the exact same time her ex-husband starts making overtures. And to top it all off, the town of Astro Park has gotten Little League fever in a big - you might even say explosive - way...but as soon as Super Mom comes to the rescue, it's apparent someone wants her out of the game. For good.

"Hauser's sequel to Confessions of Super Mom (2005) is an amusing and sharp critique of the thankless job mothers perform as they juggle home and work. Every mom will want to be Super Mom." - Booklist

Read first chapter of both novels.

Friday, February 9

The Real Deal

Go here. Read what a real Master Poet can do with words. Rejoice.

Totalitarian Democracy
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"The first fine dawn of life on earth
The first light of the first morning
The first evening star
The first man on the moon seen from afar
The first voyage of Ulysses westward
The first fence on the last frontier
The first tick of the atomic clock of fear
The first Home Sweet Home so dear
The sweet smell of honeysuckle at midnight
The first free black man free of fright
The sweet taste of freedom
The first good orgasm

This Excerpt

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