Short stories, poetry, haiku, expository and technical non-fiction. Report Cards and observations on writing. This began as my repository of exercises from the "What If?" self-help writers group at AOL. It has become more and less, since leaving AOL.

Sunday, March 5

Pain, subsiding now...

Pain, subsiding now
as NSAID’s course my veins
seeking connections to endorphins,
bringing surcease from swollen joints.

‘Til, unbidden, my gut rumbles,
wrenching tight like a rope,
stomach flopping like a fish on the dock
left by over eager boys as they bait another.

Thus continues the dance, pain to pain,
exchanging one for the other.
Well-being a forgotten memory
as yet another spasm wrings from my throat a gasp.

©2006 Wil Mosher

Saturday, March 4

Current Events

Aortic Stenosis Is A Death Sentence

Aortic stenosis

has a rotten prognosis

about eighteen months to two years.

First you can't breath,

except maybe to wheeze,

then you fall in a faint.

It's downhill from there,

a syncope nightmare,

with fatal results in the end.

Only surgery corrects,

and then, only some, get desired outcomes,

maybe five, or is it ten percent?

Warfarin for life,

PTI&R a constant strife,

right to the bitter end.

When you get a mechanical valve,

the strokes tend to be wild,

sans coumadin coursing in blood.

So Doc, if you please,

give me another disease...

one with a brighter outlook.

Something that's easy,

never too queasy,

with a happy ending in sight.

Because I'm truly repentant;

aortic stenosis is a death sentence,

and you're the one wielding the knife.

©2006 Wil Mosher, Glenburn, Maine

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