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Thursday, November 11

Chapters 3 & 4 Reportage

I'm struggling, there's no doubt about it. I'm hung up on quality, as one of my dear compatriots gently pointed out in an obtuse manner. And she's right. I am missing the point of this exercise. It is all about quantity, not quality. And I am thwarting that goal every time I stop to research a fact or sequence of events. I had Chapter 3 whipped out in pretty good time - if you don't count the time I spent researching stuff. What a wonderful way to suck time away - and I have had major, major suckage, on top of my own special skills at procrastination.

I wasn't much better with Chapter 4. I had it half written by the time my wife got home from work yesterday. Wrote the other half today. So, averaging 2000 words a day, I'll just make the deadline with enough words. That's a consolation, but it means cracking my personal whip harder than I am prone to do to myself.

We'll see.

Characterization is starting to fill out. Still have a few more to introduce. I think I'm going to gloss over his time at Annapolis, other than to lay the foundation for his meteoric rise to Lieutenant Commander. There's the folks in the FBI office in Atlanta, and he's got another love interest or two waiting their turns in the spotlight, too. And oh, yeah. Just who is the bastard that put him in the box?

Anyway, that is where I'm at. On a technical note, I think I've fixed it so you can leave comments - I'd checked a box that shouldn't have been checked. Oops!

Toodles. Care packages with lots of chocolate would be appreciated...

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Fadereu said...

Here is a proposal, Wil :)

I'm writing a blognovel. If you like a quotation from this novel, tell me about it. I will link that text, less than 50 words, to your blog or website. In return, you use that quote as a link to my novel on your site. It's a gift-exchange system, and that simple. After this, you own that quote. I own nothing, and nothing owns me.

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