Short stories, poetry, haiku, expository and technical non-fiction. Report Cards and observations on writing. This began as my repository of exercises from the "What If?" self-help writers group at AOL. It has become more and less, since leaving AOL.

Sunday, December 19

Season's Greetings, 2010

Snow sparkles in front of me
as dog snuffles his way to nasal nirvana
in the chill evening. Grass tufts, here a rabbit,
there be wolves, ready to pounce.

Moon rising above the neighbor's trees
throw long shadows clear across the road to me.
A full moon, its icy reflection a frigid echo
of the ice in my heart.

Lonely is just a state of mind, alone a way of life.
Live life to its fullest, for tomorrow
may be no more in your experience.
And so it goes.

(Written quickly in the Airstream trailer, parked at the Farm in Maine. SWMBO was in Louisiana tending a very sick son. I was alone, listening to 7 hours of Leonard Cohen. I'd just walked the dog and peed on the snow. A nearly-full moon rising behind me, the steam rising from my pee casting wispy shadows across the snow. And so it goes...)

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