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Tuesday, February 24

Rants And Raves

Hoo boy, President Shadow is all fired up over gay marriage. I guess VP Dicky wound him up and pointed him towards the media in hopes it would take the heat off the Halliburton scandel, and the public's growing unrest over the war in Iraq. I wish Georgie-porgie would go read John Scalzi's take on "Leviticans" in his off- AOL journal, Whatever. I really got a kick out of the passionate comments it provoked, whereas nothing Georgie says is worthy of more than a yellow stream of emotion.

As the old duffer, Fred Nutter, is so fond of saying after his editorials on the local NBC affiliate:

"That's our opinion. We welcome yours."

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BTW, a "pearl diver" in the restaurant trade is AKA "pot walloper", "trap cleaner", "dishwasher", "HeyYou!", "Gofer", "Gimme" and various other appelations. Not a good thing. But honest, dirty, stinking, wet, monotonus work.
Comment from olddog299 - 3/5/04 11:05 AM

Aww, Robin, thanks. But you see, at 68", I'm not the tallest bottle in the six-pack (nor the dimmest bulb in the pack, but that'll have to wait for another day). xxoo

Comment from olddog299 - 3/3/04 9:26 AM

Olddog, I've never met an ass pimple as funny and witty as you are. Don't sell yourself short. Pearl Diver? How cool is that? From Pearl Diver to Snow Shoveler. Ain't it a shame?
Comment from rbushu - 2/26/04 8:10 PM

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