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Friday, January 13

Put Your Title To The Test

at's Titlescorer. Although, it gave low marks (6.7%) to "As the Son sinks slowly in the West," a book about the decline and ultimate destruction of the separation of church and state...

via Michael Allen, the Grumpy Old Bookman.

Thursday, January 5

Homemade Sin: Biting the claws that read me

This Southern asshole Gentleman with the proud moniker of James Lee Hooker and proprietor of the blog Homemade Sin has exponded on his reasons for sharing my hatred of felines (even though I am possessed by 12 of the phurry phuckers) in this entry: Biting the claws that read me. Enjoy!

Northcoast Exile: The Blog Manifesto

Why go to the trouble of writing down the rules when James Winter does such amarvelous job of it? See this entry Northcoast Exile: The Blog Manifesto:

"It's 2006, a new year. As with all new years, it's a time for new beginnings. I suppose the best way to begin is to lay down the rules of the blog in case anyone gets confused as to what can and cannot be done on this blog. So here it is, the Blog Manifesto for Northcoast Exile..."

And The Daily Snooze, too, I willingly add.

RConversation: Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger

For years now I have had a running battle with Micro$oft partisans. First they attempted to strangle the PC world with M$DOS. The Windoze. Internet Explorer virtually destroyed the far better Netscape in the 'browser wars'. Micro$oft bought and paid for the Bush administrations token offense that resulted in little more than a slap on the wrist in the biggest monopoly case to be heard in modern times. Why should I be surprised that they're doing it iverseas now?

RConversation: Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger: "On New Years Eve, MSN Spaces took down the popular blog written by Zhao Jing, aka Michael Anti. Now all you get when you attempt to visit his blog at: is the error message pictured above. (You can see the Google cache of his blog up until Dec.22nd here.)

Note, his blog was TAKEN DOWN by MSN people. Not blocked by the Chinese government."

Via Ray Wong's I, the author.

Wednesday, January 4

Eros Blog: The Sex Blog -- By Bacchus

Eros Blog: The Sex Blog -- By Bacchus: "The Bad Honeymoon
Author John Ross, who wrote a quite readable novel about guns and politics called Unintended Consequences, when asked about his proudest moment as an author, reported that it was:"

You will just have to go and read the rest. Well worth a couple of minutes diversion...

Digital Doorway - Enter the Laughter: Novelty

Digital Doorway - Enter the Laughter: Novelty: "
Does writing your novel affect your blogging, or vice versa?"

That's Marti's plaintive query. Seems she's gotten herself into a fix while writing a scene in her book and suspects it is dangerous to her mental health.

Well, there's an old saying, Marti. "Having to ask is a sign of a sick, sick mind."

It isn't just the blog that is affected. It is every aspect of life. I "become" the novel. I become the cook, the assassin, the Inspector, the garbage man. I fear for my life along with the heroine, my heart often racing a mile a minute. The slow death of a protagonist in a car in the river nearly killed me with bradycardia and dyspnea.

Yep. It affects me. After all, there is always/never a reason to mount a laser cannon on your SUV, isn't there?

Tuesday, January 3


Tempus Fugits
by Wil


Woke up this morning with a start!

Overslept, I had.

Panicing I am, yup, yup.

To town, lickety split.

Dropped off the anchor

to toil amid the bone fields,

While I a langorous breakfast took,

surveying news with coffee and cream.

Thence to the druggist with script in hand,

seeking this and that for ills and chills

and rushing pell-mell to the grocery,

to see what's doing there,

paying fat cat canadian power brokers

for the energy that brings this

stinking poem home to you.

Originally published December 26, 2003

Copyright 2003, 2006 Wil Mosher
All Rights Reserved

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