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Sunday, October 31

Stage Fright Willy...

I'm getting scared, anxious. I want to start writing now. What if I can't "keep up" with the amount of text needed? After all, I am the President of Procrastinators Anonymous, or I would be, if I ever got around to putting my name into nomination for the office...if we ever held meetings...if annual elections didn't take place every 20 years or so when the office holder dies or moves to Florida. Being a cunctator of the first order isn't easy -- it takes a lot of effort to be that lazy! But I digress.

I'm still debating whether it is better to have the Four Horsemen site be presented as a book with a "Table of Contents" on the homepage showing the various chapters completed (surprise -- there will be 30 chapters in all) with links to each chapter or to have short teasers on the homepage each day, with a link to the remainder of the chapter. What's your thought on the matter?

Anyway, the stomach is roiling, the muscles are tightening into knots. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was about to enter a schutzhund competition wearing just my undies with a beagle!

"Schuss, Snoopy ... Find it!"

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