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Thursday, November 4

Four Horsemen - Chapter 2 Reportage

I managed to write today despite the Purple Funk remaining from the election yesterday. Life goes on, although "life as we know it" has hit the fan and is no more. I fear for my (and your) grandchildren's future. Four more years of THIS administration and the country will be bankrupt. Bah! Feh! A curse upon their houses.

So today I did another 2800+ words. Not real far behind the minimum output needed to reach the requisite 50K by the end of the month, but I can see where it will take a couple of marathon sessions to get back in the black. It was taking me about an hour to write 500 words today, what with having to stop and research dates I can't remember off the top of my head and other particulars. I did start a "bio file" for the characters as I needed to know minimum particulars about each of the ones introduced so far. I still need to mine the information that appeared in Chapter 1 before too much time has passed.

Aside from spelling checks and adding text where I think it needs fleshing out, I have managed to avoid the temptation to revise extensively. This is a really tough thing - I really want to revise stuff as I go along. But I can see from the relatively slow progress I made today that it isn't advisable.

Any feedback you'd care to leave is appreciated. On the basis of Barb's comment on the AOL Snoozelets, I fixed a broken picture image. Anyway, even if you aren't commenting, I hope you are reading. And I do appreciate it - I know just how valuable reading time is, without being asked to read schlock...

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