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Thursday, January 5

RConversation: Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger

For years now I have had a running battle with Micro$oft partisans. First they attempted to strangle the PC world with M$DOS. The Windoze. Internet Explorer virtually destroyed the far better Netscape in the 'browser wars'. Micro$oft bought and paid for the Bush administrations token offense that resulted in little more than a slap on the wrist in the biggest monopoly case to be heard in modern times. Why should I be surprised that they're doing it iverseas now?

RConversation: Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger: "On New Years Eve, MSN Spaces took down the popular blog written by Zhao Jing, aka Michael Anti. Now all you get when you attempt to visit his blog at: is the error message pictured above. (You can see the Google cache of his blog up until Dec.22nd here.)

Note, his blog was TAKEN DOWN by MSN people. Not blocked by the Chinese government."

Via Ray Wong's I, the author.

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