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Wednesday, January 4

Digital Doorway - Enter the Laughter: Novelty

Digital Doorway - Enter the Laughter: Novelty: "
Does writing your novel affect your blogging, or vice versa?"

That's Marti's plaintive query. Seems she's gotten herself into a fix while writing a scene in her book and suspects it is dangerous to her mental health.

Well, there's an old saying, Marti. "Having to ask is a sign of a sick, sick mind."

It isn't just the blog that is affected. It is every aspect of life. I "become" the novel. I become the cook, the assassin, the Inspector, the garbage man. I fear for my life along with the heroine, my heart often racing a mile a minute. The slow death of a protagonist in a car in the river nearly killed me with bradycardia and dyspnea.

Yep. It affects me. After all, there is always/never a reason to mount a laser cannon on your SUV, isn't there?

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threecollie said...

Always! And we are looking for a Scout tank to patrol the back 40 as well....poachers you know

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