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Sunday, June 4

Writer's Weekly Question #18:

Writer's Weekly Question #18:
Have you ever had an experience where someone tried to trick you into believing that something big was about to happen to your writing, when in fact, they were taking you on what could be a huge ride? This can include a contest, an agent, a publisher, or anyone.

Yes, I do it to myself, every time I finish a poem or a short story. Then, because I know better these days, I file said oeuvre away for a week or ten and then reread. That's the real revelation. I can see in the clear light of day the piece isn't anywhere near as good as first imagined. Into the circular file it goes...

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JessN said...


I think that most writers go through that process. The thing that I have learned to do, however, is to not send the stuff directly to the circular file. Sometimes the things we find to be bad are the very things that people like about a piece. Sometimes what we see as a disaster only needs a little more love and care to turn it into something wonderful.

I am my own worst critic. Having others (that are not close to me) read what I put on paper is essential to keeping me from throwing all my work away.

In other words, don't line your trash can. Trust yourself a bit more.

Thanks for your answer!

Water Tiger said...

Hi Will!

Thank you for visiting my blog (Life with Lupus) and your thoughtful comment.
I am so happy to find your blogs.
Now I need to figure out how to get alerts when you update...


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