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Saturday, March 4

Current Events

Aortic Stenosis Is A Death Sentence

Aortic stenosis

has a rotten prognosis

about eighteen months to two years.

First you can't breath,

except maybe to wheeze,

then you fall in a faint.

It's downhill from there,

a syncope nightmare,

with fatal results in the end.

Only surgery corrects,

and then, only some, get desired outcomes,

maybe five, or is it ten percent?

Warfarin for life,

PTI&R a constant strife,

right to the bitter end.

When you get a mechanical valve,

the strokes tend to be wild,

sans coumadin coursing in blood.

So Doc, if you please,

give me another disease...

one with a brighter outlook.

Something that's easy,

never too queasy,

with a happy ending in sight.

Because I'm truly repentant;

aortic stenosis is a death sentence,

and you're the one wielding the knife.

©2006 Wil Mosher, Glenburn, Maine


V said...

Wil, are you describing yourself here? Are you scheduled for surgery?

Wil said...

Yes and no, not yet. It seems a tricuspid valve has gone from the "murmur" stage to the "squeaking" stage in the past year and Cardiac Doc is of the opinion that it is an area of concern. It was after reading up on aortic stenosis and a good nap that the words came tumbling out (more or less).

While it is a likely fate (valve replacement surgery) it isn't the only possible outcome. As of now, they'll do an ultasound to try and image the squeaky part(s) to determine the appropriate course of action. But sometime down the road, they'll be cutting me open (again) and carving me like the Thankgiving turkey.

Or not. Great strides have been made with in situ cardiac catheterization and laser ablation. Depending on what is found, and where I am being treated (a volume in itself), they may go that route. Sort of depends how willing I am to be a guinea pig again.

I'll keep you posted. I hesitated to even mention it at this point, but I enjoyed how well the words came together and thought I'd share that with those who still play with poetry, such as yourself.

paqogomez said...

My little girl was diagnosed with congenital critical aortic stenosis. They were able to fix the stenosis with a catheterization very easily IMO. Her problem now is that the left ventricle was damaged and is not beating well. Your grim poem made me very sad in a time when I'm trying to be upbeat. Its hard to read something like that when you're hoping for the life of a baby girl. (
That sounds a bit down... sorry about that ;)
I wish you the best in whatever route fixes the stenosis. G'luck!

Wil said...

Update: Cardiac Doc says, after reviewing the echocardiogram (ultrasound), that nothing needs to be done, in terms of surgery or treatment, at this time, as there doesn't seem to be as much deterioration as he originally feared.

So for now, no worries. :D

paqogomez said...

Great news. Glad to hear that things are looking up. They are also looking up on my end (as you know already know i see ;). Thanks for your support, I wish you the best.

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