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Saturday, December 24

Writer's Weekly Question #12

Do you have an ideal reader? If so, how does this reader make a difference in your writing? Why do you trust them with your writing?

My Answer:

I have an “idealized reader” that I write to. She was once the love of my life and sharp as a tack, erudite and extraordinarily perceptive. I write to her in my mind, and even hold conversations about characterization, plot elements, pacing and transitions. She married a friend and I haven't seen them in thirty years. But I write to her in my mind every day. Like you, I'd like a real, live adult reader that I could interact with. Sadly, I haven't made that acquaintance yet. Until I do, I'll write to my chimera.

Now for the skiddlydiddly:
You do not have to be a writer to participate in the Writer's Weekly Question. Anyone with a relevant comment is welcome to participate. Simply write a response you would be proud to post at your blog or journal, post the response, come back here and post a link so that everyone can read and enjoy. It's as simple as that!

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JessN said...

Merry Christmas, Wil. Good answer. I think we all write to a chimera of some sort. Thanks for answering despite the holiday!


Gerrit Bosman said...

Wow, that is some romantic story! Has she ever actually read something you wrote?

Wil said...

Oh yes, Gerrit, we parted friends. They're still together, thirty-four years later. It was a case of "true love," I suspect.


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