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Monday, October 24

MEME: Writer's Weekly Question #2

Jenn has started a weekly writer's meme. Oddly enough, she calls it the "Writer's Weekly Question." She posts it each week on her AOL Journal "CIW: The Other Invisible!" I am aware of it only because of Patrick's blog “A Stop At Willoughby” in which he answers this week's question. Guess I missed an earlier question somehow. Anyway, I decided to take a stab at it. Whether there is to be a repeat performance will have to wait. Although, I see I'm a week behind and there's already a #3 to be considered. All in good time...

Writer’s Weekly Question #2: Why do you write? Is it because you want attention, or is there some other reason you are driven to do this? What draws you to this craft?

I write to exorcise the demons within --

chittering, howling, screams in the din.

Writing eases the pressure,

allows a momentary chance to breathe;

silence creeps in to replace the anguished cries .

I resisted writing for nearly thirty years ...

returning only recently to the addiction of putting words on paper.

Oh, there was daily writing for work all those years,

but it didn't count; was rarely read, except in synopsis.

Even rarer were my cautionary words heeded by the hoi poloi.

I write now to maintain sanity as I otherwise madden.

I write seeking a soul that never existed,

goals that have failed.

I write for my very existence.

I write ... therefore, I am.


Gerrit Bosman said...

Love to read words written with passion and real emotion,
love to write and find that people feel my own emotion and passion,
Like tickling my lover and find her to tickle me in return...

~V~ said...

Me too!

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