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Monday, August 22

Blogger for Word!

Hey! Are you a blogger? Are you a writer most comfortable in the offline world of Micro$oft WORD? If you are, then read this little blit by Ev on a new plug-in for Blogger – Blogger for Word! Only good with the windoze environment, Word2000 and later. I only stopped using WORD97 as my writing environment when I migrated to Windoze XP. Now it's OpenOffice (available for windoze, Unix, Linux and others at

Oh well. A case of "too little, too late for me" I guess. Unless I suddenly get rich and can afford to buy WORD, I'll be sticking with OpenOffice. It almost works as well and the price is suitable for us paupers. I truly understand the wisdom inherent in "Beggars can't be choosers."

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Q said...

I like OpenOffice better myself, and don't you worry, you know some cool programmer is going to make an Blogger tool for OO soon enough...

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